Introduction to Victoria Revealed

Introduction to Victoria Revealed

A portrait of young Queen Victoria (Sully)

Explore Queen Victoria’s long and fascinating life in her childhood home, Kensington Palace

A moving exhibition

An engraving of Queen Victoria with her 2 eldest children, Victoria and Albert Edward (c The National Portrait Gallery)Princess Victoria was born on 24 May 1819 at Kensington Palace where she grew up alone with her mother, the Duchess of Kent, and spent what she would later recall as a lonely and unhappy childhood.

She became queen at just eighteen and held her first Privy Council meeting in Kensington Palace’s Red Saloon.

Follow Victoria’s story from the room in which she spent her first moments as queen. Trace her journey from young girl to queen enthralled with a new husband, to grieving matriarch and ruler of a vast empire.

Victoria Revealed explores the many, often surprising aspects of Queen Victoria’s character: devoted wife, dedicated mother, lover of the arts, devastated widow and powerful stateswoman. 

Impressive and personal objects

The exhibition includes iconic, impressive, beautiful and often deeply personal objects, from Victoria’s simple white silk wedding gown, to the dolls she made, dressed and named as a little girl.

The exhibition features paintings, photography and sculpture by Victoria’s favourite artists including Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Sir Edwin Landseer and Leonida Caldesi. It also explores the life of Prince Albert, the love of Victoria’s life, showing him as a passionate, moral individual who was deeply involved in the life of the nation.

Victoria and the people who surrounded her tell this story: excerpts from her journals, letters and reports from contemporary commentators give insight into the extraordinary life of the woman whose name defined an age. 

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