Eerie Evening Tour - Halloween Special

Eerie Evening Tour - Halloween Special

31 October 2016

Death, disease, love and loss – explore 300 years of secrets on a spooky tour through the shadowy world of Kensington Palace after dark


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When all the gates are locked and the lights are out, is the palace truly asleep? Or are the memories of love, loss, and tragedy still echoing through the hushed corridors and empty rooms?

Join us as we explore the weird and wonderful world of Victorian spiritualism and the 19th century obsession with life after death. How did the Victorian mediums attempt to prove their supposed supernatural powers? Did Queen Victoria herself attempt to contact the spirit of her beloved husband Albert?

Be guided through the shadowy state apartments to relive the sorrow of heartbroken Kings and frustrated future Queens. You will hear accounts of medical disasters, painful illnesses, and undignified deaths and the lasting legacy they have left behind. Does the ghost of King George II still wander the palace?


The tour will run on Monday 31st October from 18.30 -20.30

Tickets are £30 per person

Light refreshments will be served from 18.30 with the tour starting promptly at 19.00

Not suitable for under 16 year olds

The tour does include several flights of stairs and low light levels. If you have any special access requirements please contact Susanna Pullen in advance of your tour on 02031666105 or

No disabled parking available


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