Queen Victoria’s bedroom

Queen Victoria’s bedroom

Queen Victoria

She went to bed a princess, she woke up a queen

Why see it?

This is the bedroom where Victoria spent the last night of her youth.
When she was woken up at six on 20 June 1837, it was to be told that her uncle had died in the night and that she was now Queen Victoria. 

She was just eighteen. 

Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent, was rather over-protective, and until Victoria became queen always spent the night in the same bedroom as her daughter.

During Enchanted Palace this room is called 'The Room of a Sleeping Princess', with its striking display and mood lighting, all inspired by the story of Victoria's constrained childhood at Kensington Palace.

They said it...

‘They think I am a little girl, but they will find I am queen of England’.  
The new Queen Victoria

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