Queen Charlotte’s chair

Queen Charlotte’s chair

Charlottes bedroom

The chair that Queen Charlotte was resting in when she died

Queen Charlotte's final days

Queen Charlotte was in London in the summer of 1818, when she was taken ill and thought a few days in the good clean air of Kew would do her good. 

Unfortunately, she had dropsy, a progressive disease, and her condition deteriorated until November, when she contracted pneumonia.

During her final days she found it difficult to lie down and was more comfortable sitting up in this chair. It was in this chair, that she eventually died at 1pm on Tuesday 17 November 1818. She was surrounded by her two eldest sons, George, the Prince Regent, and Frederick, Duke of York, together with two of her daughters, Princess Augusta and Mary, Duchess of Gloucester.

Preserved by Queen Victoria

Queen Charlotte’s granddaughter, Queen Victoria, said that she wished the room to be kept as it had been during her grandmother’s lifetime. You can see these words on a plaque on the side of the fireplace in this room, the Queen’s bedroom.

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