Tudors at the Tower - Families

Experience our royal palaces - amazing places for games, drama, feasts, festivities and memories - for royal families and for your family.

Grand! Experience the splendour of Tudor Hampton Court, King Henry VIII's favourite palace.  Plus, on the other side, you'll find a fabulous Baroque palace joined on, built for Stuart sovereigns William III and Mary II, and gorgeous gardens. The Hanoverian Kings George I and II were big fans too.

Gruesome! Explore the more gory stories at the Tower of London, a fearsome fortress with torture chambers and prison cells, where three English queens were executed. And walk in to the giant safe that now contains the priceless Crown Jewels!

Gossip! Elegant Kensington Palace, childhood home of the future Queen Victoria and much later Diana, Princess of Wales, was once a hotbed of intrigue and scandal. Discover the gracious rooms where courtiers once plotted and schemed, drank, gambled and danced the night away. 

Gone! Uncover the mysterious, lost Palace of Whitehall at the Banqueting House, the only survivor of the terrible fire that destroyed this monumental Tudor palace. And see where Charles I lost his head, too.

Georgian! Tiny Kew Palace, with big stories to tell, of a once-happy family, a 'mad' King... and their fantastic back garden where you can go on a Grand Tour of the whole world.

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Kings and Queens: 1,000 years of Britsh Royal history

This app, from the Royal Collection Trust, tells the story of the British monarchy from 1066 to today through animated digital portraits.

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