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We produce beautifully-illustrated, authoritative and lively titles for readers of all ages and interest levels. Enjoy exploring stories of the palaces in greater depth through our award-winning children’s books, expert guides and fascinating social histories.

Children’s titles

Young readers will love our children’s guides to the palaces, plus our other history titles with all the silly jokes, gory stories and scary bits left in.

Official guidebooks

Fully-illustrated, multi-language* guides to all the palaces, and the Crown Jewels. Potted histories of each fabulous palace that cover all the must-see aspects of the buildings and gardens, plus features to give background depth and colour.
*Tower of London, Hampton Court and Kensington Palace only.

Palace books

For greater insight and depth into the palace buildings and histories, delve into our Official Illustrated series (co-published with Merrell) and curator-written palace monographs (co-published with Yale).

Palace life 

All aspects of the social history of the palaces: the personalities, the intrigues and etiquette of court life, sumptuous costume, royal food and dining, arms and armour. Plus our best-selling The Really Useful Guide to Kings and Queens of England.

All books are available from palaces bookshops, or online from the Historic Royal Palaces shop

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