Kew Palace

Kew Palace

A building history

This short history of Kew Palace covers the modest beginnings of Kew when it was home for a rich merchant in love through the arrival of the Georgian family and the ‘madness' of King George III.

Historic Royal Palaces is also responsible for Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, built in 1771 for the Queen as a picnic retreat in a quiet part of Kew Gardens.

A history of Kew Palace's development...

  1. 1631 - 1729
    The history of Kew Palace has humbler origins in the first half of the previous century.
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  2. 1730 - 1763
    Beginnings of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the school house at Kew.
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  3. 1764 - 1787
    A wayward Prince George and further improvements to Kew.
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  4. 1788 - 1800
    In 1788 the whole nation was thrown into turmoil as the King was declared ‘mad’ after the onset of a mysterious illness.
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  5. 1801 - 1848
    Marriages, deaths and Kew's fate
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  6. Queen Charlotte
    This tiny cottage, built in contrived rustic style, was created for King George III’s wife Charlotte around 1771.
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  7. Further reading
    Bibliography of Kew Palace
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