What is conservation?

What is conservation?

Tower of London

Our experts pull apart the art (and science) of conserving a palace and its collections

From the Oxford English Dictionary:
conservation: n. 1. preservation or restoration of the natural environment. 2 preservation and repair of archaeological and historic sites and objects. 3. careful use of a resource.

Conserving buildings and collections

  1. Buildings
    Learn about preserving the physical fabric and the wealth of historical information embodied in it
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  2. Treatment
    What is treatment conservation? Working directly on an object to stabilise and slow down its deterioration
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  3. Preventive
    Discover more about countering damage-causing agents and preventing harm coming to the palaces' objects
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  4. Gardens
    The role of our team is to conserve the gardens and estate and their historic features
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  5. Conservation science
    What is conservation science? Find out how our cutting edge scientific research informs the way we conserve our collection
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  6. Conservation enemies
    Find out why we have a problem with light, dust and other agents of decay.
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