Stock footage and B-roll

Stock footage and B-roll

White Tower East Elevation

11 March 2014

Broadcast quality stock footage and b-roll is available for news media purposes

What footage is available?


High Definition broadcast quality stock footage for the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace is available digitally from the press office in a variety of formats.

To preview the footage please click on the following links:

Tower of London GV's

Tower of London spokespeople interviews


Hampton Court Palace GV's


Hampton Court Palace spokespeople interviews

Kensington Palace GV's and spokespeople interviews





How to obtain the footage?

For further details or to obtain a copy of this footage, please contact the press office at or call 0203 166 6166

Terms and conditions of usage?

Please note that this footage can be used only for news coverage promoting either the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace or Kensington Palace. The footage is for one-time use only and must not be archived, sold, lent or otherwise circulated to a third party. This footage cannot be used for documentary programmes or feature films without prior written permission from the press office for Historic Royal Palaces. A charge for use of this footage may apply. Copyright: Historic Royal Palaces

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