Fanfare and travel trade manuals

Fanfare and travel trade manuals

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Fun, interesting and informative publications and sales materials to help plan your group's great day out!

Resources for groups

Groups and travel trade manuals

Contact us for printed copies of all our groups information online. You can also order a copy of our annual manual from  

Our newsletter for the travel trade

Fanfare is our bright and lively newsletter, written for group and travel trade professionals. Published three times a year - spring, summer and autumn - it contains advance notice of forthcoming exhibitions, seasonal events and special tours to help you plan your excursion programmes and itineraries. 

Download the latest edition from this page. Or to subscribe to the hard copy of the newsletter join our mailing list at:

Palace guidebooks

Save time and place a bulk order for our fully illustrated, beautifully presented guidebooks in advance. Buy your guidebooks online or email

Sales materials

Our sales office can help you promote and sell your tours to the palaces with leaflets, posters and images for brochure production.

Contact us:

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Group Visits Guides and FanFares 

Below are downloadable versions of our annual Group Visits Guide and the most up to date versions of Fanfare in multiple foreign languages.

Downloadable Resources

Some files are provided in PDF format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

  1. Click here to download Acrobat Reader
  2. Alternatively, Adobe offers a service for converting PDFs into HTML or plain text. Access this service here

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - French
    (Adobe PDF, 5363KB)

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - Italian
    (Adobe PDF, 4125KB)

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - German
    (Adobe PDF, 4468KB)

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - Japanese
    (Adobe PDF, 6592KB)

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - Portugese
    (Adobe PDF, 4054KB)

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - Russian
    (Adobe PDF, 5399KB)

    Group Visits Guide 2016 - Spanish
    (Adobe PDF, 6023KB)

    Group visits guide 2016 - English
    (Adobe PDF, 6077KB)

    Reserve Your Place
    (Adobe PDF, 4562KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - Brazilian 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2531KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - English 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2537KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - French 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2520KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - Italian 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2532KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - German 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2528KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - Japanese 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2743KB)

    Autumn Fanfare - Spanish 2016
    (Adobe PDF, 2543KB)

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