The Maze at Hampton Court Palace

Why see the maze at Hampton Court Palace?

It's pretty famous! It’s also the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze.

‘It is the most famous Maze in the history of the world, and immeasurably the one most visited.’ 
(Ernest Law, 1926)

How long has there been a maze at the palace?

- The maze was commissioned by William III in around 1700

What sort of maze is it?

- It’s a puzzle maze and is known for confusing and intriguing visitors with its many twists, turns and dead ends.

- Before the creation of the Hampton Court maze, single path mazes were the most popular form of maze in the UK. Unlike the puzzle maze, the single path maze has one path, usually in a spiral shape, winding to a centre point.

A Hampton Court maze poem

There was a young teacher from Hayes
Took her class to the Hampton Court Maze
They got thoroughly lost
At a reasonable cost
The children and teacher from Hayes.

This comes from a London Transport poster verse from the early 20th century  


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