Queen Victoria outside Kensington Palace

When did queen Victoria live?

Victoria was born in 1819 at Kensington Palace. She became queen in 1837 when she was 18 years old. She is also the second longest reigning king or queen ever as she was on the throne for 64 years.

What was Victoria like as a princess?

She was brought up very strictly and had very few friends her own age to play with. She was a lonely little girl but had lots of hobbies. She liked playing with dolls, singing and drawing. She also adored her little King Charles spaniel called Dash. She even dressed him up in a red jacket and trousers from time to time.

Did Victoria have a husband?

Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe Coberg in 1840 after asking him to marry her the previous year. When he died in 1861, Victoria was very sad.

Did Victoria have any children?

Victoria had five daughters and four sons. Her eldest son later became King Edward VII after her death.

What was the British Empire?

Victoria was not just queen of England. She was also queen over the British Empire. The British Empire included; Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Canada as well as Jamaica, Barbados and the West Indies.

What was Victorian Britain like?

During Victoria’s reign lots of new and exciting things happened. People had their photos taken for the first time, Britain had the world’s very first steam railway and if you were lucky you would have electricity in your home. Victoria would also have seen the first car and the invention of telephones.


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