Choristors from the Chapel Royal Choir

Did you know that there are still children working at Hampton Court Palace just as they would have done in King Henry’s time?

The Chapel Royal was a group of singers and priests who moved around with the king to serve his spiritual needs; they would have even gone to battle with him. 

The choir travelled with Henry when he went to Calais in 1520 to the Field of Cloth of Gold. Today the Chapel Royal choir does not move around but it still sings for the monarch and other members of the royal family

FACT: Hampton Court choristers sang at the Queen’s coronation in 1953

FACT: In September 2009 the choir sang at the first royal wedding to be held in the Chapel Royal Hampton Court Place for many centuries when Freddie Windsor, son of HRH Prince Michael of Kent, married Sophie Winkleman.

FACT: In December 2010 The Queen’s Christmas message was recorded here with the boys singing in the background

FACT: The choir did travel to Richmond Park in May 2012 to sing for HM The Queen during her Diamond Jubilee visit to the area

The 'Children of the Choir' as they are still known are boy trebles which means that they have high voices. 

Up until 1684 the choir had the power to “press gang” promising boy trebles from provincial choirs.  Today 16 boys from local schools aged between 8 and 14 years sing in the choir during term time and are paid a small fee by HM The Queen for their duties. 

The boys wear distinctive scarlet cassocks.

Why not come along on a Sunday and hear music being sung just as it would have been in Tudor and Georgian times.


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