Peter the Wild Boy

Who was Peter ‘the Wild Boy’?

- Peter was a teenage boy from Hanover in Germany and he was found in 1725 living wild in the woods where he walked on all fours and ate grass and leaves.

When did Peter come to England?

- He was brought to London in 1726 and spent time at the court of King George I.

What was Peter like?

- Peter wasn't like other children his own age. He couldn’t be taught language and behaved more like an animal than a child.

- Princess Caroline was particularly fond of Peter. He lived with her and was kept like a pet.

Are there any paintings of Peter?

- Yes. William Kent painted Peter amongst other members of King George I’s court on the east wall of the King’s Staircase at Kensington Palace.

- The painting is still at Kensington Palace and you can see Peter, standing opposite the large windows wearing a green coat and holding oak leaves and acorns in his right hand.

What happened to Peter?

- When George I died in 1727, Peter was passed into the care of a farmer in Hertfordshire.

- In 1782 Lord Moboddo visited Peter who was about 70 years old by then. He provided the last description of Peter;

‘He had a healthy complexion with a full beard, apparently understood what was said to him quite well but could only say the words ‘Peter’ and ‘King George’.'



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