Completed projects

Completed projects

A hoarding on the White Tower

Historic Royal Palaces work to give the palaces a future as valuable as their past, while telling their stories in a way which encourages our visitors to find links with their own lives and the world today. Hear about some of the projects we have completed thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors.

What have we achieved

  • In 2011 we successfully completed the conservation and re-presentation of the White Tower at the Tower of London. Generous support from Man Group plc Charitable Trust ensured that over 2m visitors a year are now able to appreicate this striking and historic building in all its glory whilst in return Man Group were able to promote their brand to our visitors, as well as the countless numbers of people who passed the walls every day and saw our adverts both across London and the wider UK.
  • 2012 saw our £12 million project, 'Welcome to Kensington - a palace for everyone', come to fruition, this would not have been possible without the support of a large portfolio of generous donors, sponsors and supporters; including the The Cadogan Charity, Mr Mark Pigott OBE, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Weston Family. Central to this project was our work in the fields of learning and engagement and 3i generously supported the creation of community spaces at Kensington and covered the salary costs for a Youth Outreach Worker.  
  • The Diamond Jubilee year also saw us unveil the newly re-presented Jewel House at the Tower of London made possible by the De Beers Family of Companies and Forvermark. De Beers' name has always been synonymous with diamonds and the most beautiful, most responsibly sourced diamonds in the world. The aim of this partnership was to consolidate these messages, in the eyes of the world, through assoicating with the most famous and most important diamonds and jewels in the world.
  • Thanks to an anonymous donor, the miraculously preserved Georgian Royal Kitchens at Kew Palace opened to the public in May 2012, 200 years after it was last used.
  • Receiving glowing reviews and extensive, worldwide press coverage, the 'Fashion Rules' exhibition, opened in 2013 at Kensington Palace, provided a new take on the story of the monarchy in the late twentieth century, featuring rare and exquisite dresses from HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales. Estée Lauder Companies was seeking a sponsorship opportunity that associated themselves with the qualities of grace, elegance and style – the driving forces behind their company and its values and felt that Historic Royal Palaces, Kensington Palace and 'Fashion Rules' were the perfect associations to project and reflect these qualities and values.

How can you get involved?

Our donors, sponsors and members share our passion for history, spectacle and majesty and many of our most ambitious projects would not have been accomplished without their generosity and participation.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

Make an online donation

Become a member

Join as a patron

Leave a legacy

Become a volunteer

Or contact a member of our Development team if you would like more information about getting involved in any of our projects.

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