The Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula appeal

The Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula appeal

The altar in the Chapel

Many thanks to all who donated towards this appeal.

About the appeal

In partnership with the Chapel Council and Choral Foundation, the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula Appeal was launched in spring 2012, to raise £1.5 million by 2014 to give the Chapel Royal the care that it deserves; to support the esteemed choir of the Chapels Royal and ensure the longevity of both's futures.

With over 2 million visitors passing through the Chapel each year, the building needed repair and restoration to ensure it continues to serve its purpose as a place of worship for the local residents – both within the Tower of London, and without – as well as acting as a fitting resting places for the hundreds of people who lay with its walls and crypt.


Appeal summary

We were pleased to announce that the fundraising target of £1.5 million was met in October 2014, thanks to the generosity of many friends, supporters and donors.

To find out more about this wonderful chapel and read more about the restoration take a look at the Tower of London's Chapel pages.

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