Kensington Palace King's State Apartments

Kensington Palace King's State Apartments

The King's Apartments at Kensington Palace

Following on from the success of the £12million Welcome to Kensington project, Historic Royal Palaces is embarking on the next phase of development for Kensington Palace.

The King’s State Apartments are the most spectacular set of rooms in Kensington Palace. William Kent designed and decorated the rooms in the sumptuous style that would define the Georgian age and cement his position as its most prominent artist. The beautifully preserved ceilings, carvings and tapestries still give the rooms the luxurious sense they were created with.

The historic fabric of the King’s State Apartments, however, is in need of conservation whilst the electronic and mechanical infrastructure must be modernised to ensure the functionality of the rooms and the continued use of the palace by the public. We are also taking this opportunity to increase interpretation, returning the visitor to the Georgian hey-day of Kensington Palace in the 1730s when George II presided over an ambitious, cut-throat Court. We are going to give these rooms the platform and the care they deserve in our year of Glorious Georges. 


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