Other Projects

Other Projects

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We exist for tomorrow, not just for yesterday. Our job is to give these palaces a future as valuable as their past. We know how precious they and their contents are, and we aim to conserve them to the standard they deserve: the best.

Alongside the re-presentation of the Baroque Palace, Hillsborough Castle, Kensington Palace Phase II, Learning & Engagement and The Magic Garden we have a series of important conservation and restoration works at The Tower of London, The Banqueting House at Whitehall and Kew Palace.

HM Tower of London

-    The installation of the new White Tower steps 2015/2016
-    The refurbished Raven Cages, 2015/2016
-    The Queen’s House & Bell Tower Conservation, 2014-2016

The Banqueting House, Whitehall

-    Conservation of the building (exterior and interior), 2015- 2018

Kew Palace

-    Conservation of Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, 2015- 2018
-    Programming, on-going


Please do not hesitate to contact the Development Team to discuss any projects within our campaign.

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