The King's Presence Chamber

The King's Presence Chamber

Hampton Court Palace

Find out more about Historic Royal Palaces' honoured group of supporters

What is the King's Presence Chamber?

Throughout history only those of the highest rank with special privileges or outstanding talents would have enjoyed access to the King’s Presence Chamber. Courtiers, ministers, intimates, visiting royals and dignitaries, poets and philosophers were amongst the very few allowed to gather in the presence of the King.

At Historic Royal Palaces, the King’s Presence Chamber is an honoured group of supporters each of whom has made an outstanding contribution to our life and work. The King's Presence Chamber of Historic Royal Palaces have, since it was founded in 2007, contributed to a wide range of projects and to the organisation as whole. Each year, the King's Presence Chamber's Members gather together for a dinner to celebrate the contribution that they have made and to welcome new members to their number.

Who make up this honoured group of supporters?

To discover who are members of The King's Presence Chamber please visit our supporters page