The Baroque Palace at Hampton Court

The Baroque Palace at Hampton Court

The East Front of Hampton Court Palace

Our next set of ambitions includes our aim to conserve and re-present the Baroque Palace of William and Mary, the 'other' Hampton Court Palace.

For most people, Hampton Court Palace is Henry VIII’s magnificent Tudor palace on the bank of the Thames: the iconic building that he and Wolsey built as a great stage for affairs of court, entertainment and sport.  But that is only half the story.  Hampton Court has another side: the equally magnificent and iconic new palace built in the Baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren for King William III and Queen Mary II around 1700.

Following on from Henry’s 500th anniversary in 2009, Historic Royal Palaces is turning its attention to the ‘other’ Hampton Court– the Baroque Palace of William and Mary.  There’s much to do, exciting discoveries to be made and a once-in–a-generation opportunity to conserve, restore and re-present for today’s visitors the unique royal interiors, luxurious works of art, wonderful gardens and intriguing stories that made this one of the country’s most important buildings three centuries ago.


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