BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition

BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition

BBC Radio 2's 500 Words creative writing competition for children is back.

This year the grand final will be held on Friday 16 June at the Tower of London, a palace with lots of surprising stories to inspire young writers.

Competition entries have now closed


BBC Radio 2's 500 Words competition encourages kids to get creative and write their own short stories of up to 500 words.

This year, the 500 Words final will be held at the Tower of London on Friday 16 June, where all the finalists will be invited to a special live broadcast of The Breakfast Show hosted by Chris Evans.

The competition winners will be announced by some very special guests. Plus, all those attending the final will receive free entry to the Tower of London for the day.

Competition entries have now closed.

Get inspired by stories from the Tower

The Tower of London is a fantastic source of inspiration for kids, with its wealth of exciting history, from enticing escapes and costly coronations, to prisoners and polar bears!

Here are four Tower stories to help kids get creative

For more inspiring tales from the Tower of London, visit our Kids playlist on YouTube.

In May 1533, massive crowds gathered on the streets around the Tower of London for the Coronation Procession of the new Queen, Anne Boleyn.
Could you write about a grand celebration just like this one?

The story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot is full of danger and peril. It could help you start a story plot of your own.


These tales of prisoners from the Tower of London could be starting point for a story about kings and rebels.

 Or you could write a thrilling mystery like the story of the missing Princes in the Tower.

Competition entries are now closed

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