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Group ticket information

What is the minimum number to get a group ticket?
The minimum number is 15 paying visitors for the Tower of London.

Do I have to have the minimum number all of the same ticket type?
No, you can mix and match adult, child and concession tickets/rates.

Do you offer complimentary entry to teachers and tour leaders?
We only offer complimentary entry to London licensed guides and coach drivers when accompanying a group.

Do I have to pre-book a time slot for my group?
Pre-bookings are not requested at the Tower of London. You do not have to pay in advance unless you wish so. 

Do I have to pre-pay for my group visit?
No, you do not have to. You can pay on the day of the visit, unless you wish to pre-pay for your group.In this last case you should call our Contact Centre on +44 (0)20 3166 6000 if you are calling from abroad. 

Is there a booking fee?
When you book through the Historic Royal Palaces' group booking line, you will be charged a total £2.00 booking fee for the group.

Where do I pay for my group on the day?
We have dedicated group box offices at the Tower of London where you can pay for your group. 

Where do I collect tickets for my group on the day?
You can collect them at the palaces on the day of the visit -  the group ticket booth at the Tower of London.

Where do my group go on arrival at the palaces if they have tickets already?
The group should go straight to the palace entrance. At the Tower of London this will be the Middle Draw Bridge for groups.

Getting to the palaces

Is there coach parking and how much does it cost?
There is a coach park in Lower Thames Street. 

Can a group reach the palaces by public transport?
Yes, all palaces can be reached by public transport. 

Guided tours and audio guides

Can I book a Yeoman Warder tour?
Yeoman Warder tours are public tours and they can not be pre-booked for groups.

Do you have audioguides? How much do they cost?
Audio guides are available at a charge of £3 per person. 

What languages are the audioguides available in? 
English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Russian.

Food and drink

Is there catering available on site?
Catering facilities are available in the New Armouries Restaurant inside the Tower of London and The Perkin Reveller on the Wharf.

Do I have to pre-book group catering?
It is possible to book meal vouchers at the Tower of London at: TOL@ampersandcatering.co.uk  

Images and sales literature

Where can I get images of the palaces to promote my tours?
You can download free images by registering at: hrp.newsteam.co.uk

Can I obtain leaflets and posters of the palaces?
To request leaflets and posters please email groupsandtraveltrade@hrp.org.uk

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