Dinners and receptions

Dinners and receptions

A table setting for a Tower of London event

For nearly 1,000 years the mighty Tower of London has stood in service of the monarch, anchored on the shore of the River Thames. Today, the Tower welcomes millions of people each year, as they seek out famous stories of wing-clipped ravens, colourful Yeoman Warders and the priceless Crown Jewels.

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The Tower’s larger-than-life characters, enduring traditions and amazing tales have made the Tower a powerful symbol of London. An ancient fortress and World Heritage Site in central London is a truly special venue for dinners and receptions, and a magnificent experience at night.

Venues and capacities

Exclusive access to the palace
Give your guests a truly unique experience with a private view of the Crown Jewels, a special Yeoman Warder tour or have them stand witness to the ancient Ceremony of the Keys. For more details ask our events team.

Venue  Receptions  Dinners Lunch
White Tower 250 80  
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 100 70 40
St Thomas's Tower 40 20  
Wakefield Tower 80 40  
Martin Tower   12  
New Armouries 300 240  150
The Moat 200-2000 200-2000  


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The White Tower – dinner set up

HM Tower of London is one of the UK’s top tourist attractions, and the White Tower is the oldest and most iconic building within the grounds, so there is no surprise it is full of visitors till closing time every day.

This leaves us with a short turnaround time to change the venue from daytime exhibition, to stunning evening event space for dinners or receptions. With our dedicated staff, experienced contractors and military precision, we are able to prepare this spectacular backdrop to your event in only 1 hour!

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