The Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula

The Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula

The White Tower lit up at night

A Tudor chapel containing monuments to residents of the Tower and its prisoners, including those executed on Tower Green. 

Originally a parish church, the Chapel was incorporated into the walls of the castle during Henry III’s expansion. It has been rebuilt at least twice, once in the reign of Edward I, and then again in its present form in Henry VIII’s reign. 

Three queens of England Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Jane Grey, and two saints of the Roman Catholic Church, Sir Thomas More and John Fisher, are buried here. Their headless bodies were buried under the nave or chancel without memorial until the 19th century when remains found in the nave were re-interred in the crypt.

The chapel also has many monuments which commemorate officers and residents of the Tower who worshipped here. It remains a place of worship for the Tower’s community of 150 or so residents.

Visitor Information: The Chapel is accessed through joining a Yeoman Warder tour which take place throughout the day (for details check daily programme upon arrival). It is also open to visitors to those not on a Yeoman Warder tour during the last hour of normal opening hours.

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