Prisoners exhibition

Prisoners exhibition

Re-enactment of the trial of Anne Boleyn

Explore the prison cells and hear the stories of prisoners through our displays; Prisoners of the Tower.

Prisoners of the Tower

Follow in the footsteps of some of the Tower's most famous prisoners as you visit some of their cells dotted around the Tower.

Bloody Tower
Here is Walter Ralegh's rather luxurious cell decorated as it might have been in his time of incarceration. While upstairs you can find out more about two prisoners who would never again see the light of day; the two princes, allegedly murdered by their uncle Richard III.

Beauchamp Tower
The rooms in the Beauchamp Tower are swathed in graffitti left behind by scores of prisoners kept here.

Cradle Tower
Tells the stories of two prisoners tortured here at the Tower; John Gerrard, Jesuit priest and Anne Askew, protestant reformer.

Upper Salt Tower
Prisoners include John Balliol, a Scottish king imprisoned here in 1296 for three years, Hew Draper, an innkeeper from Bristol accused of practising sorcery, and Giovanni Battista Castiglione, an Italian tutor who used to carry Princess Elizabeth's private letters to her when she was imprisoned in the Tower.

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