Architectural Drawings Collection

Architectural Drawings Collection

An architectural drawing of the Tower

The Architectural Drawings Collection holds drawings of the five historic royal palaces, dating from the 18th century to the present day.

So what is in the collection?

This collection of over 25,000 drawings is complemented by historical photographs and copies of even earlier drawings. The drawings themselves range from architectural designs, site surveys, geological surveys, technical plans and maintenance drawings to modern interior design drawings such as those created for Kew Palace. The range and depth of these drawings show how the five royal palaces have evolved and changed, and also how their use differs, over very long periods of time.

To contact the Architectural Drawings Collection

The Drawings Collection reading room is located at the Tower of London and welcomes enquiries. Staff will endeavour to deal with enquiries as quickly as possible.  

To contact the Architectural Drawings Collection:
Telephone: 020-3166-6412

Written enquiries can be sent to:
Roisin Inglesby
Waterloo Block
HM Tower of London

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