Royal Armouries archives

Royal Armouries archives

The menagerie at the Tower of London

The Royal Armouries archives at the Tower of London contain two collections:

  • Document library

  • Picture library

Document library

  • the records relating to the Royal Armouries Museum
  • collections of research material from scholars such as Sir James Mann and Howard Blackmore
  • records of the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield

These records contain material relating to the history, development and use of arms, armour, artillery and fortifications, and to the Tower of London. This includes original military manuals, drill books, and fencing manuals. The collection amounts to some 30,000 books and pamphlets, 10,000 journals and magazines, and 6,000 auction sales catalogues.

Picture library

The Picture library contains some 70,000 images of objects in the collection, which are available for purchase and reproduction.

To contact someone about the Royal Armouries archives:

Royal Armouries
Bridget Clifford
Royal Armouries Museum
HM Tower of London
+ 44 (0) 20 3166 6668
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