1914 Tower timeline

1914 Tower timeline

Artist Rifles at the Tower

Explore the history of the Tower in 1914 as it became both a site where troops swore their Oath of Allegiance and were trained as well as a place of execution.

The 'Stockbrokers' Battalion swear their Oath of Allegiance at the Tower, copyright Getty Images29 August 1914

1,600 men take their Oath of Allegiance at the Tower to join the Army and form the ‘Stockbrokers’ Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

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The 2nd Scots Guards leave the Tower of London, copyright IWM15 September 1914

The 2nd Scots Guards leave the Tower and are deployed to the Western Front. 





Artists Rifles training at the Tower, copyright Artists Rifles AssociationFrom 15 September 1914

The Artists Rifles troops guard the Tower and are trained here before being deployed themselves.

They are replaced on 15 October by the Cinques Ports Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment.



The 2nd Scots Guards in the trenches, copyright IWM19 October – 22 November 1914

The First Battle of Ypres. The 2nd Scots Guards who left the Tower on 15 September fight in this battle.





Carl Lody, the first spy executed at the Tower6 November 1914

Carl Hans Lody becomes the first spy to be executed at the Tower. He is executed by a firing squad of Grenadier Guards.

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The Artists Rifles at the Tower, with thanks to the Artists Rifles Association
Recruits swearing in to join the Royal Fusiliers at the Tower of London © Getty Images
2nd Battalion Scots Guards leaving the Tower © Imperial War Museum
The Artists Rifles training at the Tower, with thanks to the Artists Rifles Association
The 2nd Battalion Scots Guards on the western front © Imperial War Museum

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