Why remember?

Why remember?


After 100 years, stories of the First World War are fading from memory. How can we keep them alive?

Watch the animation and share your answers to the three poignant questions about remembrance on Twitter.

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Watch the animation and share your answers

'Why remember?' survey

Historic Royal Palaces' Learning Team are collecting responses from everyone: from Yeoman Warders to local schoolchildren and from international visitors to ex-servicemen. By contributing to our survey, you'll help us to build a picture of our shared memory of the First World War in 2014.

'Why remember?' survey >

Watch what others said

Click on the questions below to see how others have responded to the three questions.

Question 1 - Why should we remember?

Question 2 - Why is 100 years significant?

Question 3 - How do you want to remember?

Schools animations

Watch what children from Pakeman Primary School and Mayflower Primary school said in response to the questions in these animations.

Arcola Theatre project

We invited young people from the Arcola Theatre to visit the installation at the Tower of London and encouraged them to think about remembrance. They then produced a piece of site-specific theatre which they performed at the Tower of London.

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