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Informative, interactive and entertaining in-depth learning workshops for groups of GCSE students at the Tower.

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Our palaces offer the ideal setting for an in-depth local history study of the historic environment exploring the changing functions and use of the Tower of London. 

The Tower in context: Reading the historic environment

(Historic Environment TOL)

The Tower of London holds nearly 1,000 years of history. In this session students will discover the changing functions and use of the Tower over time. This depth study will encourage students to critically examine primary source material including the buildings and historic artefacts and documents to test how far these sites reflect the changes in local and national history.

Mondays and Tuesdays

2.5 hours

£186 plus admission

How to book


Historic environment: teachers' notes (PDF)
A guide for teachers to use before visiting.

Historic environment: Chronology (PDF, 57.3KB)
For KS4 teachers, a really useful timeline of the Tower of London from its Norman roots to 20th century history.

Historic environment: Artefacts (PDF, 670KB)
For KS4 teachers, detailed information on the Tower of London artefacts handled in the You are here session.

Historic environment: Characters (PDF, 660KB)
For KS4 teachers, the key characters related to the Tower of London from its Norman foundations to the 20th century.

Historic environment: Functions of the Tower (PDF, 33.1KB)
A classroom activity and resource to discuss the role of the Tower and its various functions over time.

'The study of the historic environment should focus on one particular site in its historical context. The study should examine the relationship between a place and historical events and developments. The focus of study may range in scale from…a particular building or part of a building to a city or rural landscape/setting.’ DfE White Paper which outlines the content requirements for the new GCSE History specifications.

OCR, Edexcel, AQA and WJEC approach the unit differently however the Tower of London provides an opportunity for your students to practice new skills in reading a World Heritage site, placing it into context.


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