Key Stage 2: digital missions

Key Stage 2: digital missions

See the Tower of London as you've never seen it before!

Become Time Explorers and discover its history through our educational and interactive digital missions designed for Key Stage 2.

Digital missions are a new interactive experience that provide Key Stage 2 pupils with a unique and exciting way to explore the Tower of London.These character-led adventures guide pupils to navigate and observe the tower spaces while solving challenges on an iPad. Each mission is supported by pre-visit and post-visit classroom films and resources to extend pupils' learning.

Missions support the new Primary History Curriculum by encouraging pupils to use the tower as a primary source to weigh historical evidence. Working as part of a team, they will develop their perspective and judgement by exploring particular palace spaces in more detail.

Your school group will be shown a 'How to do a mission' film at the start and issued with one iPad between two pupils.

How to book


Mondays and Tuesdays

11.00, 11.30, 12.45 and 13.15

One digital mission = £2 per pupil (plus £3.85 admission)

Digital missions available at the Tower of London

1. The Lady's Royal Arrivals

It's 1290 and King Edward is coming back to the Tower with his beloved wife Queen Eleanor. Their servant Lady Margery needs your help to prepare! You'll travel round the Medieval Palace getting everything ready for their arrival. Hurry, if King Edward arrives before the Tower is ready, Lady Margery might find herself out of a job…or worse!

Explore the Teacher's Toolkit for this mission.

2. The Prisoner's Perilous Plot

It is 1611 and William Seymour has been imprisoned in the Tower. Help his loyal wife Arbella try and free him; she is under house arrest so desperately needs Time Explorers to assist her plot. You will need to work out where William is held, how tough the Tower’s defences are and what seemingly innocent items William could use in his escape. Be careful! If the guards get suspicious, Arbella might never see her husband again!

Explore the Teacher's Toolkit for this mission.

How to book

To book a digital mission, please visit our bookings page.

The session will last for 60 minutes approximately. It includes an introduction film and allows time to move between our Learning Centre and the relevant areas of the Tower of London. It takes 20-40 minutes to complete the digital mission itself (depending on the age and size of the group, ability etc).

Teacher's Toolkit with every mission

We have created a teacher toolkit for each mission, containing exciting videos, ideas and interactive resources for pre-and post visit classroom activities. The toolkits have been designed to meet the aims of the new National Curriculum. 

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