Teacher's Toolkit: The Prisoner's Perilous Plot

Teacher's Toolkit: The Prisoner's Perilous Plot

Welcome, Time Explorers teacher! You have booked a digital mission to help Arbella Seymour free her husband from the Tower of London. These lesson ideas, resources and films have been designed to extend your pupils learning in the classroom before and after their visit to the Tower of London.

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Lesson ideas and resources

The pre and post-visit classroom activities will introduce the Tower of London and place the pupils’ mission into a historical context. They include class discussion, drama and role play and creative writing and have been designed around the new National Curriculum to support your pupils to develop the skills needed to become successful Time Explorers.

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Films for the classroom

Before your visit

'How to do a mission' film

This film introduces your pupils to the Tower of London and explains what to expect when they arrive. It also shows what they need to do to complete their mission.

Lady film 1 - Mission briefing

Introduce your pupils to their mission and meet Arbella Seymour, the character in need of their help.


After your visit

Lady film 2 - Mission complete!

Your mission is complete! Arbella Seymour is very grateful, but she has a new classroom challenge for your pupils - to help her escape!

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