Storytelling Tutorial

Storytelling Tutorial


This animated tutorial, developed in collaboration with the WholeStory, Marlborough and Globe Primary Schools, demonstrates and takes you through the process of combining information, both factual and imagined, to create a story.

Suitable for KS2

We recommend that you create a new palace story with your class as you watch the Tutorial in 3 parts. After seeing the Beginning, brainstorm the ingredients you’ll need to start your story. Note these on the board before continuing the process with the Middle and the End. 
Download the Teacher's notes here (PDF 10MB) >

Beginning introduces the 'CATS':

This gives us the starting point for the story. It also introduces the problem that will occur in the middle of the story.

Middle contains the action:

The problem occurs (possibly 3 times), we find out what the experience of the problem is like for the characters and witness the hero trying to solve or deal with it. There is no resolution yet.

End offers us the conclusion:

Here, finally, the hero overcomes the problem/ reaches their destination/ other hardship is conquered.

'Feast Fit for a Rat’

Watch the final story, ‘Feast Fit for a Rat’ to see how the brainstorming is pulled together into a story. Next set your class the task of pulling together and writing up the story that you have been working on. This can be done individually, in pairs or in groups.

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