Armoury in Action

Armoury in Action

From shooting arrows, assembling firearms to brandishing swords, a thousand years of history at the Tower of London will be brought to life in this exciting, hands-on experience. 

Explore the weapons, skills and people from the Norman to Victorian period through a mix of historic objects, audio visual displays and hands-on interactive stations; a truly engaging experience for all the family.

Have a go at drawing back a bow to feel the strength and training required to shoot this powerful weapon. Find out more about the skill of the armourers at the Tudor court and have a go at dressing Henry VIII in his armour. Henry VIII’s beautifully ornate armours are on display at the Tower, almost 500 years after they were made!

Discover how to fire a cannon with an English Civil War artillery captain, and have a go yourselves on a half-sized replica. Follow a Napoleonic War training manual while sharpening sword skills against cabbages in an immersive AV interactive. Finally a Victorian Superintendent of Firearms from the Ordnance Office invites you to design your own musket and choose which technological developments might improve your results at target practice.

Friendly mouse characters guide younger children through the centuries from Norman to Victorian.

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