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Horse Armoury, White Tower 1914


Explore the stories of the exhibition designers, wardens and tour guides who bring the exhibition to life

Bringing stories to life

The Line of Kings, also known as the Horse Armoury, has been a leading tourist attraction for over 300 years, attracting visitors from all over the world. But what of the exhibition designers, wardens and tour guides who create the show and bring it to life? Here are some of their stories.

Bob Wood, Tower Warden, 2012:

‘I have been here 26 years. I came for a summer season and never looked back. I remember the Queen and chief of the Royal Armouries coming round but everyone who comes through the door gets treated the same – the Royal Welcome!’

Dr Samuel Rush Meyrick, armour expert, 1826:

‘I offered to arrange the horse armoury in the Tower chronologically, without any other reward than the satisfaction of having done a service. The whole will be actually what it professes, founded on the basis of truth.’

Keith Hanson, Chief Exhibitor, 2012:

‘We are often asked to do private tours for VIPs but in addition we do tours for disadvantaged children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.’

James Robinson Planché, dramatist and antiquary, 1869:

‘I have massed and classified the various arms, offensive and defensive, and displayed all the principle and rarest examples in regular Chronological order, so that the student may find in one compartment all the information the collection can afford to him …’

John Hogan, Tower Warden, 2012:

‘I have been a Tower Warden for 36 years and my father worked here for 9 or 10 years. Visitors are very interested in Henry VIII. If someone asks me a question I answer but I have to be careful not to get engrossed in discussing royal aunts, uncles, etc.’

Bridget Clifford, Keeper of the Tower Armouries, 2012:

‘All these objects are under my guardianship. My job is to help visitors to ask questions and explore the exhibition. Arms and armour is not something everyone finds accessible but it’s so much more than just killing people! I met David Dimbleby, he was lovely. He respected the armour. It is funny how you warm to people, or not, depending on how they treat the objects!’

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