Introduction to Line of Kings

Introduction to Line of Kings

Arnour of King Charles I


Welcome to the Line of Kings, the world's longest running visitor attraction.

This exhibition is located on the entrance floor of the White Tower.

Marvel at the displays

History of the Line of Kings

For over 300 years visitors to the Tower of London have marvelled at displays featuring arms and royal armour, life-sized wooden horses and figures of kings.

After the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, this exhibition - like the Crown Jewels - was used to promote the king’s right to rule. The display has been re-arranged and dispersed over the centuries, so we are proud to bring its exhibits back together again, to show it off in all its glory. 

Line of Kings

Horses and heads 

Highlights of the exhibition include the wooden horses, many about 325 years old. Near the horses are the unique wooden heads of the monarchs. They are individually carved to show the likenesses of historic kings.

Line of Kings

Magnificent armours

The magnificent armours of King Henry VIII have pride of place, alongside the armours of King Charles I and King James II.

There are also many other superb armours once worn by nobles and pikemen. The exhibition also includes curiosities like the armours of the ‘Giant’, the ‘Dwarf’ and the gift from the ‘Great Mogul’ – though these aren’t always what they seem. They inspired many tall tales.

Line of Kings

Centuries of visitors

Visitors to the Line of Kings today are following in the footsteps of 300 years of VIP guests and tourists from all over the world. Read what historical visitors thought of the exhibition - and leave your own impressions for future visitors.


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