Other uses of the Crown Jewels

Other uses of the Crown Jewels

The Prince of Wales christening

Sometimes some items from the Crown Jewels aren't on display because as well as coronations, the Crown Jewels are used on occasions from the State Opening of Parliament to royal funerals.

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Using the Crown Jewels

The State Opening of Parliament

The Imperial State Crown

As the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, the start of each new parliamentary session is marked by an official State Opening of Parliament by the Queen. This usually happens in the Autumn. Visitors to the Tower on that day will find ‘in use’ signs in place of two maces and the Sword of State (1678) used in the procession, and the Imperial State Crown (1937) which the Queen wears. The Queen’s Speech, drawn up by the government, announces proposed areas for legislation in the new parliament.


Royal baptisms

The Lily Font (1840), made for the baptism of Queen Victoria’s first child, Princess Victoria, is used today for royal baptisms. Although baptism is a religious ceremony, royal baptisms do not necessarily take place in a church or chapel.  Prince William, like other princes and princesses before him, was baptised in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Maundy Thursday

On the Thursday before Easter, the Queen distributes specially minted coins to a group of men and women during a special church service. The bags of coins are carried into the church on large altar dishes which are on display at the Tower during the rest of the year.

Royal Funerals

Queen Elizabeth's crown

Besides their use at the Coronation and during the monarch’s reign, crowns have a key role in each monarch’s final great ceremony – their funeral. 

In 2002, following the death of the Queen Mother, an estimated 200,000 people paid their respects during the four days her coffin laid in state in Westminster Great Hall. Throughout this period, and at her funeral, her coronation crown, the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1937), lay upon her coffin.

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