White Tower

White Tower

The White Tower

At the heart of the Tower of London is the White Tower. It is the oldest part of the Tower, built to strike fear and submission into the unruly citizens of London.

You can visit all four floors of the White Tower and explore Norman architecture and the Royal Armouries Collections.

Why visit the White Tower?

The White Tower is one of the most famous castle keeps in the world. It was built, to awe, subdue and terrify Londoners and to deter foreign invaders. It’s an iconic symbol of London and Britain.

Along with the rest of the Tower complex, the White Tower is one of the most important historic buildings in the world. It’s part of a World Heritage Site and is an example of Norman Architecture. Inside is a unique Romanesque Chapel, the beautiful 11th-century Chapel of St John the Evangelist.

Royal Armouries

The White Tower also houses the magnificent Royal Armouries collections, including the 300 year old exhibition Line of Kings as well as treasures of the Royal Armouries.

There are arms and armour on display including the magnificent royal armours of Henry VIII, Charles I and James II.  


Armoury in Action

From shooting arrows, assembling firearms to brandishing swords, a thousand years of history at the Tower of London will be brought to life in this exciting, hands-on experience. 

Find out more about Armoury in Action >

More about the White Tower

White Tower tours

Enjoy a tour led by one of our expert wardens. Find out about the exquisite Chapel Royal of St John and hear all about Henry VIII’s famous armours.

When: Daily at 10.45, 12.45, and 14.15.


Torture at the Tower

On the top floor of the White Tower is a Block and Axe that possibly date back to Tudor times. They were once incorrectly labelled as the axe used to behead Anne Boleyn, she actually died by sword. It is traditionally believed to be the one used at the last public beheading on Tower Hill in 1747. The Basement of the White Tower is believed to be the site of the torture and interrogation of prisoners like Guy Fawkes, and the Jesuit Priest John Gerard.

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