Teacher Familiarisation Days

Our familiarisation days are offered free of charge to all teachers who are leading, or thinking of leading, a school visit to one of our sites. 

They are specifically designed to assist teachers in their planning and enhance their knowledge and skills ensuring that they lead their visit with confidence. 

These three hour sessions take place on Saturday mornings and include:

  • A guided tour by one of our schools’ presenters to help teachers brush up on their knowledge of the site, learn some key stories and entertaining facts to help engage their pupils during their visit
  • Familiarisation with locations for practical planning such as toilets, gift shops and session meeting points
  • Guidance on resources and suggestions for pre- and post-visit activities for the classroom
  • Practical advice on leading the visit and a chance to ask questions
  • A brief taster session demonstrating the teaching techniques that we use to engage and inspire pupils and help them to make the most of their visit.

Every teacher who attends a Familiarisation Day will also receive one complimentary ticket for a friend to visit the site on the same day.  

Following the session you can stay and explore for as long as you like!

Booking Information

Where and When

Tower of London 

Saturday 13 October 2018, Saturday 2 February 2019

SEND teachers - Saturday 10th November 2018

Hampton Court Palace

Saturday 3 November 2018, Saturday 9 February 2019

SEND teachers - Saturday 17th November 2018


Free to teachers 

Download and send us your booking form

Complete the form and email it to: learning.info@hrp.org.uk

Download booking form
Georgian architect stands in Clock Court at Hampton Court Palace, looking up at the Tudor building

Shh! You're invited on a special mission… meet characters from history and explore the palace with the Time Explorers app.


Hampton Court Palace

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Tower of London raven black t-shirt

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