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Our schools programme provides:

  • Immersion in the palaces and their surroundings
  • Historic characters brought to life through costumed interpretation
  • Rich and varied opportunities for pupils to interrogate historic evidence
  • Engaging stories told in the places where they really happened.

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Kensington became a royal residence in 1689 when King William III and Queen Mary II purchased a private country house and commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to enlarge it for their use. For the next 70 years the palace was at the centre of the life and government of the kingdom and played host to the courts of William and Mary, Queen Anne, George I and George II. In the 19th century, Kensington was the birthplace and home of Princess Victoria (later Queen Victoria).

Kensington Palace

Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere and elegance of Kensington Palace.

White Tower at the Tower of London in daylight. North East side.

Tower of London

Descend into dark tales of imprisonment, escape and execution at the Tower of London.   

Base Court facing Clock Court showing open way under the Clock Tower through Anne Boleyn's Gateway with flagstones in the foreground. Sunshine rays stream down the front of the building. A carved wooden figure in Tudor dress is seated on a wooden bench at the left of the building.

Hampton Court Palace

Explore Henry VIII’s atmospheric Tudor palace at Hampton Court.

Banqueting House

Experience royal drama and splendour at the Banqueting House in Whitehall. 

Secondary school students visit Hampton Court

Access Fund for Schools 2018-19

Find out how our Access Fund for Schools can offer your school the opportunity to have a high quality, immersive learning experience at the iconic sites of Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London.

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Secondary school students visit Hampton Court

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Build your knowledge, skills and confidence with our tailored professional development sessions for teachers and educators.

Time Explorers Challenge

Our flagship CPD programme empowers teachers and students to explore our palaces in greater depth.

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