Digital Missions for Schools

Digital missions are character-led adventures that encourage Key Stage 2 students to discover historic spaces while solving challenges on an iPad.

Students become 'Time Explorers' and use the palace as a primary source of evidence to find the answers to interactive puzzles as they navigate the rooms and buildings. Working in pairs, they develop their perspective and judgement of the past by exploring particular spaces and stories in more detail.

Every digital mission is supported by a teacher toolkit of videos, lesson ideas and activities to use in the classroom before and after a visit. 

Digital Missions at Hampton Court Palace

The Ambassador's Secret Assignment

It's 1540 and the Venetian Ambassador needs help to spy on Henry VIII’s court and report back to the Doge in Venice. Can your students help him to sneak around the palace and find evidence of the King's power, lineage and allegiances?

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The Clerk's Fantastic Feast

It's 1543 and Katherine Parr has just become Henry VIII’s sixth wife. She wants to impress him with an surprise banquet. Can your students help the kitchen clerk to prepare a feast the King will never forget?

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The Architect's Design Dilemma

It's 1714 and George I is the new King! The architect John Vanburgh needs your students' help to investigate the palace buildings and decide if Hampton Court is stylish enough for the new monarch to keep.

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Digital Missions at the Tower of London

The Prisoner's Perilous Plot  

It's 1611 and William Seymour has been imprisoned in the Tower. Help William Seymour's loyal wife Arbella try and free him. She is under house arrest so desperately needs your students to assist her plot. 

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The Lady's Royal Arrivals

It's 1290 and King Edward is coming back to the Tower with his beloved wife Queen Eleanor. The King has a bad temper and nothing is ready for his return. Can your students help the servant Lady Margery prepare in time?

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Georgian architect stands in Clock Court at Hampton Court Palace, looking up at the Tudor building

Shh! You're invited on a special mission… meet characters from history and explore the palace with the Time Explorers app.


Hampton Court Palace

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