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Historic Royal Palaces blog

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

The Revealing Tale of Queen Victoria's Early Biography

24 May 2024

In 1839, Queen Victoria's engagement to Prince Albert prompted one of the first biographies of the young monarch. But the book's release was a disaster.

Hay-making with Two Hampton Court Shire Horses

18 September 2015

The tradition of hay-making is being kept alive at Kensington Palace thanks to Tom and Murdoch, a pair of Shire Horses from Hampton Court Palace.

How we acquired The Bristowe Hat

20 January 2015

The Bristowe Hat is a very rare example of Tudor or very early Stuart fashion. It first appeared on my desk in the form of an email – 'Did we want it?'  I was certainly very intrigued...

Excavations at Hampton Court Palace

04 December 2014

The Magic Garden Project at Hampton Court Palace has seen hundreds of trenches excavated to place electrical cables, drainage and foundations for the new garden.

Glorious Georgian Bathing: Queen Caroline's bath tub

23 September 2014

Hot water, soap, and shampoo; for most of us this is the start of our day. A shower or bath each morning is a habitual part of modern life that the majority of us couldn't go without.

Drilling for Dates

10 June 2014

People think I’m nuts because I love roofs. But not only are they among the best preserved parts of our palaces, they also hold secrets within them, and can reveal information which isn’t contained in any documents. The latest roof to receive treatment is the Great Watching Chamber. It is one of our most important Tudor roofs.

Don't forget about the Georgian Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales

07 May 2014

If you know anything about Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales, it will probably be the story of the 'Midnight Flit' from Hampton Court Palace. When his wife Augusta was in the throes of labour with their first child, Frederick bundled her into a carriage in the middle of the night.

Introducing: Queen Caroline of Ansbach

29 April 2014

Let me introduce you to Queen Caroline of Ansbach, the wife of King George II. She has escaped the attention of historians, but in my opinion, this is a very great shame – I find her an absolutely fascinating woman.

Making Your Mark

10 December 2013

During recent conservation work in the Cumberland Suite at Hampton Court Palace, we made an interesting discovery. This drawing (above) was found scratched into a plaster wall that has been covered with wooden panelling for the past 300 years.