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Historic Royal Palaces blog

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Insights and behind the scenes from our palaces

Mary, Marchioness of Downshire: A Life in Miniature

07 June 2024

Research and Interpretation Producer Emma Lawthers takes a brief glimpse into the lives of the Mary and the Hill family of Hillsborough Castle, as seen through the lens of a very unique object.

Renewable energy meets conservation: the Hydro House at Hillsborough

19 August 2019

To the very north of the park at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, for the adventurous visitor prepared to explore the Perimeter Walk, is the Hydro House. Historic Royal Palaces restored and re-commissioned the Hydro House in 2017 and it now produces enough electricity to continuously power 100 mobile phones!

Dahlia season at Hampton Court Palace

14 August 2019

July marks the start of the dahlia season, but it is as the days grow shorter that these flamboyant plants come into their own, providing a spectacular display of extravagant flowers until the first frosts.

Herbs through history: from the Tudors to today

29 July 2019

Central to the Kitchen Garden at Hampton Court is its collection of herbs, and they are looking at their best in the summer. While many of them are familiar, some unusual ones have had some fascinating uses throughout history.

Wildflowers bloom at Kensington Palace

05 July 2019

After a lot of hard work this winter by the gardens team at Kensington Palace, the fruits of their labour can now be seen in the wildflower meadow.

Hay-making with Two Hampton Court Shire Horses

18 September 2015

The tradition of hay-making is being kept alive at Kensington Palace thanks to Tom and Murdoch, a pair of Shire Horses from Hampton Court Palace.