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Find unlimited adventure as a family in some of the greatest palaces ever built

Find unlimited adventure as a family in some of the greatest palaces ever built

You don't have to travel far to find adventure as a family this year; as a member of Historic Royal Palaces you can unlock a treasure trove of family fun in some of the world's most magnificent palaces.

Family visiting Tower of London

10 ways to escape to the past together

1. Inspire a budding chef with Tudor cookery

Transport your family back to the heyday of Tudor feasting and entertainment in Henry VIII's Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. 

Explore the Wine Cellar, learn about the dishes cooked in the Boiling House, and marvel at the massive fire, complete with cauldrons and roasting spits.

Visitors explore Henry VIII's Kitchens after re-interpretation in 2018.

2. Step in the footprints of kings and queens

Go on an adventure to the past as a family and explore more than 1,000 years of history. Discover how the Norman's built the Tower of London's White Tower and learn about the queens, spies, rebels and pirates that languished in this infamous prison. Be transported back to Tudor times at the home of Henry VIII, and at Kensington Palace, explore the birthplace of Queen Victoria. 


Child looking at a tiara

3. Let imaginations run wild in the Magic Garden

As a Historic Royal Palaces member, explore our magical children's playground the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace again and again. Come face to face with mysterious mythical beasts, storm the battlements, besiege the towers and discover the secret grotto.


4. Befriend a bug in our historic gardens

Why not become a minibeast explorer and go on a hunt for creepy-crawlies at Hampton Court Palace's Kitchen Garden? Here's a handy insect spotter's guide to get you started on your search.

Child holding a worm in their hands

5. Take a walk on the wild side

Pull on your wellies, get outside and inspire adventures in nature set against the backdrop of 100 acres of glorious grounds at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens. Look out for kingfishers, ducks and swans as you take a spin around the Lake, wander through peaceful woodland, explore a hidden grotto and hunt for creepy-crawlies in the Walled Garden

A mother and two children explore the explore the Glen at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens

6. Play fight like a medieval knight

Follow in the footsteps of historical figures and immerse yourself in over 1,000 years of history at the Tower of London.

At Armoury in Action, have a go at shooting arrows, brandishing a sword and firing cannon in this exciting, hands-on experience in the White Tower. Explore the origins of the White Tower with a Norman master mason and find out if you have what it takes to be a medieval longbowman as you draw back a bow for yourself. 

7. Lose yourself in the Maze

Lose yourself in the most famous maze in the world at Hampton Court Palace. Make your way through a labyrinth of confusing twists, turns and dead ends.

8. Follow an animal inspired play trail

Find sculptures integrated into the landscape, hands-on play and opportunities to watch nature in action with our interactive play trail the Imaginary Menagerie at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens. From those pets kept by the castle's past residents, to the wildlife that thrives in the gardens today - Hillsborough has a whole menagerie of animals for you to uncover!

A family (two adults and two children) enjoying The Nest for Everyone sculpture designed by Clive Lyttle. One of the children is standing at the top of the ladder into the nest. Part of the Imaginary Menagerie Robin Trail.   

The Imaginary Menagerie is a play trail throughout the Castle's gardens. Opened in June 2021, it takes visitors on an adventure course that includes a series of sculptures celebrating the pets and wildlife animals that have made Hillsborough their home.  

[See also: asset no.53796 for the Booklet guide].

9. Imagine life as a medieval zookeeper

Explore the tales of the many exotic animals kept at the Tower, from lions, tigers, monkeys and elephants, to zebras, alligators, bears and kangaroos, in our Royal Beasts exhibition at the Tower of London.

Family viewing the Polar bear wire model in the Tower of London

10. Find fun-filled family activities all year round

With an everchanging programme of events, find family activities to put a smile on everyone's face, all year round. 

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