• 21 November 2017
Doors open at 18.40 for a 19.00 start

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The Eltham Rules

‘Life at court is like a fire; too close you are singed, too far you freeze’, said the Swedish diplomat Johan Adler Salvius in 1644. The Eltham ordinances written in 1526 by Cardinal Wolsey were detailed rules for ‘the establishment of good order and reformation of sundry errors and misues’ in the court. Despite these controls the Tudor court was dynamic and was dominated by the changing whims of a power-hungry monarch and the personalities who surrounded him. Discover how this early operations manual was used to regulate ambitious courtiers who were living, working and visiting the royal household under Henry VIII.

Chris Gidlow, writer and Live Interpretation Manager for Historic Royal Palaces. For nearly 20 years he has been responsible for implementing an innovative programming. He learnt on the job, working as a knight in the reconstructed Medieval Palace of King Edward I (1272-1307) and can still be seen occasionally in costume as the King. Chris is an author of books such as Life in a Tudor palace and The Reign of Arthur – from History to Legend.

This is part of our season of evening talks at Hampton Court Palace on finding favour at court. The Tudor royal court entertained a vast community of people who provided the engine of the monarchy. From mistresses to politicians and servant to nobleman, who held the positions of power? Join us this autumn as we explore how courtiers moved up and down the Tudor court hierarchy in a dangerous game of snakes and ladders. Did they succeed or fail?

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