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Heavenly Hampton

Fun family activities for half term

Fun family activities for half term


  • 10-18 February 2018

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For half term, Queen Katherine Parr is recruiting young lords and ladies for the courts of King Henry VIII’s children. Do you have what it takes to join Prince Edward and Lady Elizabeth?

There will be singing and dancing as well as the serious skills a Tudor noble needs to make it at Court.

It is 1547 and change is all about. The dark days of winter are past and a bright new spring is on its way. The looming shadow of an increasingly dangerous King Henry VIII is about to be lifted and his home will become once again a palace of fun and romance for his young family.

Join in this half term as Hampton Court Palace comes alive with Tudors. Romance is in the air. Will you discover the preparations for the secret wedding?

A wide view of the main visitor entrance (West Gate) of Hampton Court Palace.

Daily schedule

11.00: A Bright new future? (Great Hall)

Meet members of the court as they wait for news, and discover that everyone has their own plans for what happens ‘After Henry’. Who will you support?

11.30: Under a Dancing Star (Undercroft)

See a demonstration of the courtly art of dance; aspiring young courtiers can start to learn some of the skills involved.

12.30: The Young Courtiers (Great Watching Chamber)

Children, could you be classmates of a future boy King? Or companions for a teenage princess? Come and try your hand and voice at Tudor music, song and courtly skills.

14.00: With Nimble Soles (Undercroft)

Children (and adults) learn dances for solemn occasions and for fun, and be there when long-awaited news breaks.

15.00-15.45: An End and a Beginning (Great Hall)

Everything has changed – but with unexpected consequences. Will you choose a career at court, or risk helping the path of true love?


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Photo of a family enjoying Half term family fun

Join the party at the Georgian Court, put on your crown, get dressed up and discover the stories as you explore the beautiful palace rooms.

11-16 February 2018

Kensington Palace



families interacting taking part in the Great Palace Quest

Have fun at the palace by becoming a Time Explorer! Join our Great Palace Quest to see what you can discover about Queen Katherine Parr, Prince Edward and Lady Elizabeth.

10-18 February 2018

Hampton Court Palace

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