• Start date: 30 October 2017
  • End date: 19 December 2017

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Step into the dangerous declining years of Henry’s VIII’s reign. Hampton Court Palace is alive with plots and intrigue. Once favoured courtiers have fallen, even queens have faced divorce or death. Choose your enemies, choose your friends, but choose wisely. Lose your heart and you might just lose your head.

Heads or Hearts?
Romance is in the air. Between the formal Courtly Love and expected duty to family, can true love find a way? Perhaps a carefully composed poem, a well-chosen gift or a hastily arranged ‘chance encounter’ will do the trick? It is not just the gentlemen and ladies of the Tudor Court who seem full of the romantic spirit. Rumour has it that the king himself may even be on the lookout for another wife…

Heresy Hunt
Shadows gather around the court. Factions are formed, attempting to influence the king. Talk is dangerous, books controlled and even your most private thoughts may be held against you. Now that the king has proclaimed himself Supreme Head of the Church in England, to oppose him is not only treason, but heresy! With so many changes, though, who can truly know what beliefs His Majesty favours, or can be persuaded to favour?

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