Among The Wolves of Court

Join author and historian Dr Lauren Mackay as she explores the life and career of Thomas Boleyn

Join author and historian Dr Lauren Mackay as she explores the life and career of Thomas Boleyn


  • 11 March 2019

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This event will take place in the Garden Room at Hampton Court Palace.

Doors will open at 13.45

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The tragic story of Anne Boleyn has been retold over the centuries, and her father, Thomas, is often portrayed as a callous, grasping courtier who sacrificed his daughters to the royal bedchamber...but there is more to the story. For over three decades Thomas served both Henry VII and Henry VIII, rising to become one of Cardinal Wolsey’s most highly skilled ambassadors, well respected throughout the royal courts of Europe. A deeply intellectual and spiritual man, he was also a patron of some of the greatest minds of the age, including the renowned scholar Desiderius Erasmus.

Join Dr Lauren Mackay at Hampton Court Palace as she shares her new book Among The Wolves of Court: the untold story of Thomas and George Boleyn. In her talk, Dr Mackay explores Thomas’ life and career, moving beyond the myths and stereotypes to establish his place in Tudor history.

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