Royal Gardens

Plants and Princes

Plants and Princes

About this session

Key Stage 1 | Subject: History, Geography, Science, Art & Design Topics: Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians | Session Type: Route-based

Take a tour through history from the formal Tudor and Stuart gardens to the landscape gardens and wildernesses of the Georgians where kings and queens once walked.

Led by a costumed presenter, this session explores how the royal gardeners grew plants from many far flung lands for their majesties to eat, to cure them when they got sick and simply to look at and enjoy. Children will learn how the gardens changed according to the fashions of the day, the different ways in which the plants were used, where they came from and how the gardeners looked after them.

Please note that this is an outdoor session so pupils will need to bring appropriate outdoor wear. The session will still take place outdoors unless weather conditions are extreme, in which case it will take place inside the palace.

Learning Objectives

Children will:

  • Explore how the gardens at Hampton Court Palace changed over time.
  • Learn about basic plant anatomy and how plants grow.
  • Understand that weather changes from season to season.

National Curriculum Links

This session supports:

  • History Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.
  • Art and Design Exploring the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers.
  • Science Identifying and describing the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants.
  • Geography Identifying seasonal and daily weather patterns.

Booking information

Monday-Wednesday (April to October)
10.30, 11.45, 13.15
One hour
Up to 35 pupils
£95 plus admission

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