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Exploring Royal Kitchens

About this session

Key Stage 2 | Subject: History, Science | Topics: Tudors | Session Type: Route-based

Delivered by a costumed presenter in the Tudor kitchens, pupils will learn about the foods cooked and consumed at the palace and the necessary roles required to deliver this. The session supports historical enquiry through active exploration and participation.

This session links well with The Clerk's Fantastic Feast digital mission.
<link to Clerk's Fantastic Feast digital misison page>.

National Curriculum Links
This session supports:

  • Develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding beyond 1066.
  • Understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources and that different versions of past events may exist, giving some reasons for this.
  • Understand the methods of historical enquiry, how evidence is used to make historical claims

Booking information

Monday to Friday
10.30, 11.45, 13.15
One hour
Up to 35 pupils
£93 plus admission

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